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Don’t get stuck Home Alone (Updates on The Quandary)

Good news, The Quandary Escape Rooms in Chicago is officially opening early November with a holiday themed room loosely based on the 1990 film, Home Alone! Our other 2 themes (Escape the 90s and Free Your Mind) will be opening soon after that. We are still waiting to announce an official date, so be on the lookout for that.

We have had a hard time getting all of our permits and licensing together because Chicago is filled to the brim with red tape. It has been a huge mess navigating through the whole process. We could have been open months ago, if it weren’t for the all the hoops the city has made us jump through. We’ll probably write a post soon detailing the story of how we came to be.

In other news, we are going to start selling “Golden Tickets” in a week or so. These Golden Tickets will be worth the full $30 admission price, but only cost $25! And then in 2-3 of weeks, we will officially open up booking!

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October 9, 2017

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