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Covid 19 Update and Gift Card Discount

The Quandary understands the need for social distancing at this critical time. But that doesn't mean you can't have fun after the worst of it passes. We are doing a sale to help keep our doors open. Purchase a gift card between now and April 15 and get 25% off. Use the code WashYourHands

Here's what we're doing:

  • The Quandary is closed to any bookings between now and April 7th in honoring the Shelter-in-Place issued by the state.
  • Please consider buying a gift card and coming at a different time. Use code WashYourHands for 25% off

Thank you for your understanding during this difficult time and stay safe and healthy

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Our Escape Rooms

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Lab of the Lost

For 2-6 people

You are a team of scientists and other professionals in inSyn Genetics Lab. The lab is located in a remote jungle, away from prying eyes. They have been conducting some experiments on prehistoric DNA and have managed to bring dinosaurs back from extinction! However, on your trip, communications suddenly go down. You must figure out what is happening before things get disasterous.

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Left At Home

For 2-8 people

Have a joyful time playing a non-copyright infringing tale of a young man who is left HOME ALONE for the holidays.
You are in the role of Cal McKevinister, an 8-year-old, living in the suburbs of Chicago. Your family has left on a vacation and has mistakenly left you HOME ALONE. Now you need to make plans and set traps to fend off neighborhood bandits who are trying to rob your house.

*Recommended for first-timers

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Escape the 90's

For 4-10 people

The year is 1997. You are in the bedroom of Kat and Bianca. The girls used to be close growing up, but have drifted apart in their teenage years.
Tonight there is a big party. Everyone is going to be there. It was rumored in school that Bianca's crush was going to be there and Kat’s band, Something-something Explosion, was going to play at the party. However, earlier that day, the girls had a huge fight. Their parents sent both of them to their room and locked them in.

Now, you need to help them make up and find a way to escape their room to get to the party.

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About Us & FAQ

Have you ever wanted to jump into the boots of Indiana Jones? Or how about dawn the deduction cap of Sherlock Holmes? Maybe you've always wanted to sit in Captain Picard's chair. The Quandary Escape Rooms in Chicago will give you the experiences you've always wanted.

The Quandary is an independent, immersive escape room. With stories that will make you feel like you're in a movie. Open now at the Clark/Belmont intersection in Chicago.

An Escape room is a team-building adventure game. You are placed in a themed room and have to use the clues and hints peppered throughout the space to solve the main objective, whether that be actually escaping the room or something else. Book now to start your adventure!


Can I bring my child?

Yes, our rooms are kid friendly with our most family-friendly room being Left At Home, but our recommended age for players is 10 and up (with adult participation).

Can I just drop off my kids to do the room?

No, we require adult supervision for children under the age of 18. We ain't yo' baby sitter!

How long is the experience

Our games have a time limit of 60 minutes. ...or longer if you get stuck in there and can't find your way out, but we've only had a few groups to be lost for all eternity.

Why does a time say Call to Book?

That could mean a couple different things:

1. At times, our staff is "on-call." So in order to have happy and not super-stressed employees, many of our bookings close 1.5 hrs before start time. There is a chance that a happy staff member may be present at the facility, so you can call and see if a slot is available.

2. The booking is completely full and you'll need to book for another time.

Do you accept walk-ins?

Most of the time, no. But sometimes if a staff member is around and no booking is going on, we may be able to squeeze you in.

Will I be placed with other people?

Unless you book a private room, there is a chance you will be paired up with other people. This is more likely on weekends. But don't fret! They are there to have fun just like you, and according to made-up studies, 83% of life-long friendships are formed in Escape Rooms.

Contact Us

Feel free to contact us with questions or comments

Bookings available M-Th: 12p-10:30p, F: 12p-10:30p, S: 10a-11p, Closed Sunday.