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All of our rooms are a flat $34.99/ticket + tax with no hidden fees.

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Our Escape Rooms

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Our Escape Rooms

Discover the adventure and mystery in each of our unique escape rooms:

Left at Home

Left at Home

Embrace the role of Cal McKevinister in a thrilling race against time, using your wits to outsmart bandits in this nostalgic adventure.

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Escape the 90s

Escape the 90s

Journey back in time to solve puzzles and challenges in this rad escape room experience that's all that and a bag of chips.

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Lab of the Lost

Lab of the Lost

Enter the mysterious inSyn Genetics Lab to uncover secrets of the past and navigate through prehistoric challenges.

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Daniel Ching
Daniel Ching
Lots of fun and engaging puzzles.
eric wortman
eric wortman
We did the Left at Home themed room. It was really a blast and lots of clever puzzles that rolled together nicely. We'll for sure be back for the other rooms. Thanks to Mars as well for being an excellent guide.
Brendan Hegeman
Brendan Hegeman
One of my favorite escape room experiences. We did the 90s room and we loved it so much we booked another room before we left. The rooms are fun and atmospheric. Great attention to detail and fun, challenging puzzles. Can’t recommend highly enough!
The production value, the clues, and the story of "escape the 90s" and "left at home" were really great and very cohesive. When I'm able, my boyfriend and I will definitely be back for the dinosaur themed room! The staff is awesome, too! We really like this place, and were able to escape both rooms with only 2 people. If you're contemplating which escape room to go to in Chicago, definitely go with the Quandary. Believe me, I'm a bit snobby when it comes to escape rooms and I have very high standards.
Good family fun. Edit 7/2/22 This is our 2nd visit here. It's been a pleasant experience both times. Friendly staff and fun games. We payed $40 per person
John Smith
John Smith
We visited the '90s themed room. It was fun and challenging. However one of the problems we needed to solve seems like we did solve, yet it seems there was a problem with the drawer not opening (we thought we still needed to do more to get it to open). We only realized that after we ran out of time, and the worker went in and even he couldn't get the drawer to open by doing what we had done already. Who knows how much more we could have advanced or even solved the whole thing. Update: Owner reached out and rectified the situation. All is good by me. Hope to check out other rooms there in the future.
Tilo Buergel
Tilo Buergel
We just did their Escape the 90's room. Super well themed. Really needs some teamwork to acomplish. Has a lot of little puzzles that play well together, and mostly in parallel so you dont get stuck too bad. Definitely recommend!
Courtney Ivey
Courtney Ivey
The 90s escape room was a fun challenge and full of so many nostalgic details both in the clues and the decor. We loved it!

About Us & FAQ

Ever fancied stepping into Indiana Jones' boots? Or donning Sherlock Holmes' deduction cap? Or even taking a seat in Captain Picard's chair? Quandary Escape Rooms in Chicago lets you live similar experiences and more!

We're an independent, immersive escape room, offering stories that make you feel like you're in a movie. We're conveniently located at the Clark/Belmont intersection in Chicago.

An Escape room is a team-building adventure game. You're placed in a themed room and have to use the clues and hints scattered throughout the space to solve the main objective, whether that's escaping the room or something else. Ready to start your adventure? Book now!


Can I bring my child?

Absolutely! Our rooms are kid-friendly, with Left At Home being our most family-friendly room. We recommend players to be aged 10 and up (with adult participation). However, we won't turn away any child.

Can I just drop off my kids to do the room?

Nope, we require adult supervision for children under the age of 18. We ain't yo' baby sitter!

What room should I book?

Not sure which room to book? Take our quiz to find the perfect room for you and your group.

How long is the experience?

Our games have a time limit of 60 minutes. But don't worry, we've only had a few groups lost for all eternity.

Why does a time say Call to Book?

That could mean a couple of things:

1. Sometimes, our staff is "on-call." To keep our employees happy and stress-free, many of our bookings close 1.5 hrs before start time. But there's a chance a staff member might be at the facility, so feel free to call and check if a slot is available.

2. The booking is completely full and you'll need to book for another time.

Do you accept walk-ins?

Most of the time, no. But you can check here to see if we are currently accepting walk-ins

What about parking?

We don't have dedicated parking, but the pay-to-park street parking out front on Clark is almost always available.

Will I be placed with other people?

Nope. All of our rooms are private! You'll always just be with your buddies and pals.

Can I add or subtract players after I book?

Yes! You can subtract players for a refund up to 24 hrs before your booking. You can always add players right up to the time of your booking. Just remember to let us know!

Can I add more players than the max as displayed on the website?

Yes, we do allow up to 2 extra players upon request to make a total of 10 players in Left at Home and Escape the 90s, and 8 in Lab of the Lost. However, be aware that the quality of the rooms may be altered due to playing with more than the recommended players. You may book the max amount of players, and then add the extra players at the time of your booking.

What if I need to cancel or reschedule?

We can cancel your booking for a full refund or reschedule for no fee anytime up until 24 hours before your booking time. We can cancel or reschedule the day of your booking, but it may result in a cancellation or rebooking fee.

Got more questions? Feel free to contact us anytime. Ready to book? Book now and start your adventure!

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Bookings available M-Th: 12p-9:30p, F-S: 10:00a-9:45p, Sun: 12p-9:30p