The Quandary Escape Rooms - Chicago

Escape the 90s/h1>

Jump Back into the 90s!

Newly redone with all new puzzles!
The year is 1990-something. You are in the bedroom of Kat and Bianca. The girls used to be close growing up, but have drifted apart in their teenage years. Tonight there is a big party. Everyone is going to be there. It was rumored in school that Bianca's crush was going to be there and Kat's band, Something-something Explosion, was going to play at the party. However, earlier that day, the girls had a huge fight. Their parents sent both of them to their room and locked them in.
Now, you need to help them make up and find a way to escape their room to get to the party.
(Knowledge of the 90s is not necessary to complete the room)

2-8 players (Min of 3 on Fridays and Saturdays)
1 hour
Pleasantly Perplexing
Min. recommended age: 8